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Meet the Species

With guidance from NPS staff and dozens of California botanists and ecologists, the CPP has identified over 60 plant species as high-priority species for phenological monitoring across California. These species were selected based on their ability to address key scientific questions and to inform natural resource management, as well as their ability to engage the public (charisma and easy identification are important!).

Visit the resources tab to download a detailed description of the the CPP species selection process. 

For each CPP focal species, a CPP species profile is available is the species-specific webpage; these profiles include information about the species' geographic distribution, physical description, and ethnobotanical uses, as well as a photo of most targeted phenophases.

Templates for creating CPP species profiles (organized by protocol category assigned by the USA-NPN) are available at these links:  Deciduous Trees and Shrubs; Forbs; Evergreen Trees and Shrubs.

To see all of the California plant species that have been identified by the CPP as good candidates for phenological monitoring in the state of California, visit this page.

Species currently monitored by the California Phenology Project

Species currently monitored at: