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Pacific West Region, Californian Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CA-CESU)

Sylvia Haultain

University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) – Mazer Lab

Dr. Susan Mazer; Director, California Phenology Project; Professor of Ecology and Evolution

USGS - USA National Phenology Network, National Coordinating Office (USA-NPN)

Dr. Jake Weltzín

Dr. Kathy Gerst

NPS - Points of Contact at the Pilot National Parks

Chief of Planning, Science and Resource Management           Vegetation Branch Chief
Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area                 Resource Management Division
                                                                                               Joshua Tree National Park
Golden Gate National Recreation Area                                    Plant Ecologist
                                                                                               Redwood National Park
Sylvia Haultain                                                                      Janet Coles 
Plant Ecologist                                                                        Vegetation Ecologist
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks                             Lassen Volcanic National Park
John Muir Historic Site