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Mojave Yucca (Yucca schidigera)

Photo from Mitzi Harding (JOTR)Yucca schidigera is an evergreen plant that grows up to 5 meteres tall with a grayish-brown trunk. Its leaves are long, pointy, and very rigid, with coars fibers along the leaf margins. The leaves are arranged in a spiral on top of the basal trunk. The flowers are 3 to 5 centimeters long, white, and bell-shaped. They are arranged in dense clusters at the end of a central stalk. The flowers are bisexual (i.e. with both male and female parts). This species is pollinated by the Yucca moth, which fertilizes the flowers while it is laying its eggs in the flowers. The CPP four letter code for this species is YUSC.

This species is currently being monitored at Joshua Tree National Park.





Download the USA-NPN datasheet for Yucca schidigera here.

Download the CPP species profile for Yucca schidigera here.


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