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Valley Oak (Quercus lobata)

Valley Oak (Quercus lobata) is a deciduous tree that can be over 30 meters tall. The light grey bark has a texture reminiscent of alligator hide. When trees are very old, the branches get droopy. The deeply lobed leaves are rounded and 5 to 12 centimeters long. The shiny leaves are dark green in color and pale green with soft fuzz on their underside. The CPP four letter code for this species is QULO

This species is currently being monitored at Santa Monica Mountains NRA. It is also monitored in Visalia by students pariticpating in the SPROUTS program at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks (students compare their phenological observations of Valley Oaks to the phenology of Blue Oaks in the park).



Download the USA-NPN datasheet for Quercus lobata here.


Download the CPP species profile for Quercus lobata here.



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