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Blackbrush (Coleogyne ramosissima)

Blackbrush (Coleogyne ramosissima) is a perennial desert shrub in the Rose family. It grows up to 2 meters tall with short, stiff, branched stems that are spine-like at the tip. The grey bark turns black with age or when wet, and the small leaves are aromatic. The flowers lack petals but the thick sepals persist and remain fresh when the flowers open. The sepals are yellow on the inside and reddish on the outside. This species is drought deciduous and is primarily wind polinated. The CPP four letter code for this species is CORA.

This species is currently being monitored at Joshua Tree NP.


Download the USA-NPN datasheet for Coleogyne ramosissima here.

Download the CPP species profile for Coleogyne ramosissima here.


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